How to order best book gift for friend on Amazon?

Book Order for Someone using Amazon

How to order a book for a friend on Amazon India

Nowadays everyone is buying or purchasing their products on E commerce website or apps. With the help of e commerce, shopping get’s easier and easier day by day. Whenever we think to buy anything first we check it on e commerce sites for example Amazon, flipkart, eBay or mintra then we decide which products is good and fulfill our need. Even these days’ groceries also available to online sites where we can purchase and get the delivery as fast as possible. When we look into any product their multiple images are available to check that product now we have options of 3D product view where we can rotate that product model, rotate it and by this we can easily understand how it will look when we order it. 

There many ways to identify whether product is good or not and the quality of products. Just we look at rating points and if we to know more about it then go into feedback section where we see how many customers liked that product and how many not. Also they give feedback and suggestions to other people so that other one can decide. There are also returning policy it varies product to product, some products have 7 days’ return policies and some have 15 and more days. Fast delivery also one option where u will get your product within 1 or 2 days. Generally, you get your product within 7 working days but if your product is not available to your city or state then it will take more days for delivery in this u have only option is to wait. Previously there’s no option of Case on delivery but know you can order your product via any payment method and it is good for everyone. 

So ordering any product on any e commerce site, the procedure is similar only the User interface changes nothing else. So if you have experience of flipkart app then you can easily use Amazon apps or any other apps or vice versa. 

To Order Book from Amazon you have to follow the following steps:

1. First you have to login with your Amazon account and Then choose a book that you want to order for your friend.

2. Then select buy or purchase button.

3. Enter your friend’s details such as his/her name, Address and contact details.

4. And then proceed for payment where you can opt for UPI, Online or COD (Case on Delivery) payment method.

5. If you want pay for your friend then you should pay it using UPI or Any other online payment method.

6. After selecting payment method then it will ask you and OTP (one-time password) after filling OTP your payment gets successfully completed and your friends order is booked.

7. After some working days the Book package will be delivered to your friends house you just have to call your friend for receiving their package from delivery boy.

8. As you have you made payment online delivery boy will not ask any kind of money.

9. He will just ask for signature and then he will give that package to your friend.

This way you can order any book or any kind of products for your friend and family members.

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