How to order a book for a friend on Amazon India?

Book Order for Someone using Amazon

How to order a book for a friend on Amazon India

First you have to login with your Amazon account and Then choose a book that you want to order for your friend.

Then select buy or purchase button.

Enter your friends details such as his/her name, Address and contact details.

And then proceed for payment where you can opt for UPI, Online or COD (Case on Delivery) payment method.

If you want pay for your friend then you should pay it using UPI or Any other online payment method.

After selecting payment method then it will ask you and OTP (one time password) after filling otp your payment get's successfully completed and your friends order is booked.

After some working days the Book package will be delivered to your friends house you just have to call your friend for receiving their package from delivery boy.

As you have you made payment online delivery boy will not ask any kind of money.

He will just ask for signature and then he will give that package to your friend.

This way you can order any book or any kind of products for your friend and family members.

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