How to install Windows Server 2008 r2 on a HP Proliant gen10?

Windows Server Installation

install Windows Server 2008

There are many ways to install any operating system and Windows server. All the installation process or procedure are almost similar for server installation. Windows server look like windows operating system but it is used for hosting and managing Websites, user and other services. Windows server are mostly used server till now it’s first version was released in 2002. The server is managed by System Admin who is responsible for creating user, data or database and perform operation on it. Windows server 2008 is not open source product. To use this server you to purchase it and then you can use it for life time. Hyper V is free server provided by windows. Windows server are flexible, reliable and easy to operate. 

If we talk about Linux server then this is the best server I have seen because it is much secure, light weight and easy to use and the best part is that it is open source it means anyone can download it and modify according to their need and then use it. Now days all the websites are hosted on linux server. Linux has more server distribution and the popular one is Ubuntu. Previously it was difficult for normal user to use but now linux developer made it so easy for all the operation. Mainly Developer have focused on their User interface and user interaction that’s why now any windows can also use it. In linux server you will get much more security than windows server. And in thi you don’t have to Install any third party antivirus because it doesn’t need one. As it is light weight you can use it any low end machine to high end machine. Linux has community forum where you can your doubt whenever you want they answer your queries as soon as possible. Linux don’t have any server related operating system you can directly use linux os in your computer and use it as server. If you personally ask me I will recommend you to use linux server instead of windows server. The reason is already mentioned in this paragraph.

So for server installation you have to follow the below steps:

1. First you will need at least 8GB of Pendrive or CD Drive. 

2. Then you have to download paid Windows Server 2008 Software or OS. After Successfully downloading Software you have to burn your Empty Pendrive or CD Drive with help of Disk Burner software. 

3. It will take at least 1 hour too burn. Then eject and Re-insert into your computer and then Turn On your Laptop or Computer in booting mode. 

4. Switch your booting mode from Harddisk to Pendrive and Save the changes and restart computer. 

5. Then computer will boot from Pendrive and then you can proceed for Windows Server 2008 installation by selecting your Language and Version of Server during installation your computer will restart several times to be panic it happens while installation. 

6. After Successful Installation eject your PD and then restart your computer. 

Now you have successfully installed Windows Server 2008 in your Computer.

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