How to install Windows Server 2008 r2 on a HP Proliant gen10?

Windows Server Installation

install Windows Server 2008

1. First you will need at least 8GB of Pendrive or CD Drive. 

2. Then you have to download paid Windows Server 2008 Software or OS. After Successfully downloading Software you have to burn your Empty Pendrive or CD Drive with help of Disk Burner software. 

3. It will take at least 1 hour too burn. Then eject and Re-insert into your computer and then Turn On your Laptop or Computer in booting mode. 

4. Switch your booting mode from Harddisk to Pendrive and Save the changes and restart computer. 

5. Then computer will boot from Pendrive and then you can proceed for Windows Server 2008 installation by selecting your Language and Version of Server during installation your computer will restart several times to be panic it happens while installation. 

6. After Successful Installation eject your PD and then restart your computer. 

Now you have successfully installed Windows Server 2008 in your Computer.

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