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Hey guys hope you're doing well So what's up newsletter the restaurant every week it's more about what skills you should be learning and from where. So yesterday one among my subscribers got scanned and he sent me like few screenshots about how it happened I just want to form you guys aware of these data entry work from home scams sake aapke future man you even need to lose money and not commit the same mistake that he did I would not name him but let's call him Rohith. So a guy approached Rohith on WhatsApp or something and he told them hey I even have a data entry job for you will have to like just copy paste things you will have to or just you recognize type or type out whatever I sent and set it back and for that you would be paid hard and fie rupees for every page that you simply do. So or oh it had been like hey that's cool I'm up for the work or what should I do next and then the employer said hey you will have to pay me 900 rupees to urge the work and over there things get a touch little bit shady it's because who pees to get employment if I'm applying to Amazon why would I pay Amazon 1 lakh to urge the job it just doesn't add up.

So the very first cue that you simply need to look out for isn't ever pay an employer to urge employment it doesn't make sense and 99% of those quite you recognize propositions are scams never ever pay someone to urge employment. So albeit you're on a freelancing website and if someone is asking you to pay to urge the work then don't roll in the hay I know there is a website called freelancer which features a subscription it's a membership thing I'll explain you why that's completely different I'll explain it to you later but whenever a client is asking you to pay or to urge the job done then don't roll in the hay it's hundred-percent a scam. So that's what happened with him - right and he the person was like pay me 900 rupees to get the work or a snipping earlier. So he paid him rupees then he never heard back from him.

So I do not want you guys to urge stuck in such scams or not a see the thing is keep kobilka bad tons of people are unemployed tons of individuals are during a very vulnerable position what loco passages are out there in order that they just don't consider before doing things like this is not it equally oke hey I will be one lying to spare me 50,000 people wouldn't think much it is a very critical time then just simply send 50,000 because they're. So desperate for that 1 lakh and since you've got provide for the family the financial situation isn't stable and there is tons of things happening right. So these scammers just take advantage of this these quite situations they only feed on these vulnerable people and scan them right. So how does one know if for data entry chopper scam or if it is a legit job there's a company called of flat world solutions it is a Bangalore based company and they concentrate on data entry and stuff. So you'll attend their website and check out the info entry part where they'll explain step by step how data entry happens which during which it's mostly called documentation by the way. So in which industries is employed how is OCR used OCR stands for optical character recognition I was OCR used over there and you get a good insight about how this industry works. So if you want to do documentation in the future then you'll obviously refer to this website they even have you know tabs on Photoshop Premiere Pro.

So if you would like to understand the appliance of Photoshop within the land industry or the application of Premiere Pro within the real estate industry or the manufacturing industry then you'll take a look at it it'll offer you an honest insight the industry mag these kills Kassar you. So suck their dick a sort of a lot of you said I do know Photoshop but I'm not getting employment on these freelancing websites this is often an answer right you go to this attend these websites for a research scholar Kibaki industries make a sitcom out there what are the applications over there then you'll approach those industry straight up and be like hey you've got an apartment or and I can do the I can take photos edit them and you recognize build an album out of it which you'll show to your clients or you can do in photography or things like that though Moses Adam Illumina Eska you'll just attend these websites and find out how these skills are often applied within the industry.

So albeit you are not getting a freelance gig altogether these websites getting both competition out there we can approach these companies directly and be hey this is often my past work this is these are the projects I've walked I want to try to this for you and Bo industry-specific hosanna. So if you master one particular niche if you attend the real estate industry or if you become a true estate photographer or someone then you'll expand rate to worry in a street palette is your colleague or a paralegal through the word spreads within the real estate community key yanira speaker photographer then you start getting more gigs.

So that's how it works as I've said before a lot of companies don't have skilled labor they are doing not have skilled employees way and therefore the reason being tons of individuals just don't work on projects tons of people just learn the syntax of a particular coding language and think that they've mastered it's never learn may be a ever going process it never ends though other up liquid programming language seeker. then build some personal projects like work on four five projects that you can showcase. I even have said in multiple videos that you simply got to build a portfolio right whenever you build a portfolio otherwise you can show it to a client instantly an internet site Bernardo you've got everything over there if ever at Photoshop which are like bring Phi or graphics put them on an internet site. in order that every time you bid on these freelancing websites you've got a portfolio show every time you're texting someone on LinkedIn you have a portfolio to point out and another. thing is show your work like build a personal brand around it on LinkedIn if you're performing on or whatever if it's Photoshop keep posting let people know about it like if you're performing on something then why does one want to stay it to yourself but the pure social vehicle leverage kuroh the web may be a great place to be in.

So if you're working on something that's just the diss posted on LinkedIn or like I'll give you my example right oh we wont to work on shark bots and a year back I had put up a post on a Facebook group saying hey we'll chat BOTS and yesterday I received a call from someone saying hey do you belch our pots. So it's a really long-term impact the cathode social media especially LinkedIn keep posting on LinkedIn in order that even your connections no key he's good at Photoshop. So if you retain posting or saying hey I've made this graphic today I've made this graphic today then like maybe six months down the road when someone wants to rent a graphic designer he's like hey I saw Harish his post on LinkedIn which said hey which said he's got a traffic designing and that I also saw his work. So why not hire him right. So it just has this long-term impact where people start remembering your brand they have this brand recall which way you'll have a very sustainable freelancing lifestyle in order that was my take on it also don't fall for these scams and let's mention freelancer okay.

So freelance features a website if you guys do not know where our clients post projects and it can apply bit for those projects and whoever has the simplest bit worker features a good portfolio gets the work it's a legit site many people use it across the planet on Fignon. So there's something called a subscription feel right. So monthly you'll bid eight bid on eight projects for free of charge to art projects of you'll propose for eight projects for free of charge apply curse of the architects today if you want quite eight projects then you have to pay a particular amount.

So none of you're sea wise freelancer asking me to pay to be honest you do not need to pay or such as you can manage with those eight or builds otherwise you can apply for a contest they need continent contests running though other go contest of gt800 project women's yoga go but just like the thing is vital freelancing Abu Hafsah a freelance essay right oh sorry logo like it's me it's make money online quite thing though boss sorry low want to roll in the hay though they need many people lined up to try to freelancing and therefore the reality is vital indium a companies have a shortage of skilled labor tons of companies don't have people that are skilled enough to try to a specific task Vicki India or mostly freelancer may it's usually South countries India Bangladesh Nepal Pakistan but he came mostly less than they applied master boss are you recognize Ben Carter though if I am a client and a five-burner project like one year back I had placed on a project for graphic designing on freelancer I used to be a client and could seconds may I got like numerous entries right I were like almost a hundred entries within jiffy.

So out of these many of us how would I be able to choose who's the simplest person or a it's through the previous work and be I might not even check out all the entries because there are numerous of them. So to filter out all those people and to stay only serious people freelancer features a pricing policy I don't think it's fair I don't think it's fair for them to charge but I also see why they're charging it's just to filter people who don't have enough skills but still they apply it's just wasting everyone's time right. So I see why they're charging oh that's a special story but off work and talent hub stuff doesn't charge you anything even tab chief doesn't charge you anything. So you can go and apply over there and secondly a lot of alright. So I buy a I prefer my friends and that I get tons of opportunities for internships of projects and that we usually don't take them up.

So what I used to be thinking is I can form a WhatsApp group wherein whenever I receive some opportunity I can just forward it to you. So if one among you guys is capable enough if you've got if you've got the skill to try to that then you'll apply and perhaps get that internship I'm not assured in your job but every time I receive something I can just forward it to that group. So join the freelancing newsletter or and I'll give the link of that particular group in the new set itself. So if you want that then sign up for that everything is free - charging for anything and yeah that's pretty much it.

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