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Here we will talk about few tools that tons of freelancers should be using and it isn't almost freelancing right it's more about add general. Whenever you're getting to you recognize work on a project for your school or work for a project for your college or work on a freelancing project then these are few tools that you would definitely require and these just ease out your process give you less stress and just cause you to more efficient in your work by the way this video is brought to you by zyro xyro may be a really amazing drag and drop platform to create websites.

If you're getting to build an internet site for your business or you're trying to build an internet site for your client or you only want to create your own portfolio might be for graphic designing or it might be for something that you'd really like to do they have a very easy drag and drop platform. So there is no got to code at all you can just attend the platform pick one of the templates you recognize change the text change the pictures and do everything visually rather than writing one line of code this way you'll make websites way faster and if you only want to form a really simple website really fast zyro is that the perfect thanks to go attend the link within the description box type in Harish because the coupon code and you'll straight up get a 30 off on their plans now let's advance to the video these are tools that I exploit on a day-to-day basis for my college and also for my work the primary tool that I recommend all of you guys to use is google meet now on a day-to-day basis we've like two three meetings and as far as college is concerned I’m just bombarded with lectures. So google meat may be a platform all of them use unlike zoom you do not have to download anything and unlike zoom there's there is no cap there's no 40 minute cap on the free tier.

So due to these two simple reasons google meat is preferred and also it doesn't consume tons of internet sharing a screen is super easy. So whenever you guys are you recognize demonstrating otherwise you know just pitching your services to your clients you can use google meet and you recognize pitch to your clients the second tool that's super important is calendly currently helps you schedule meetings and makes the scheduling part super easy. So it's pretty easy to use just log into calendly attend the account go to the dashboard and make slots that say when you're free you can generate a singular link that you simply can send over to your potential clients or potential partners or people that with whom you only want to speak with and once they click on the link they'll see a pleasant calendar interface they can select the slot they will select the time and then calendly does the magic it'll send you a google calendar notification it'll block the slot calendly also has an choice to add google meet or zoom as your conferencing tool.

So what it does is whenever someone schedules a gathering with you at a particular time it will automatically email them the google meet link or the zoom link and you guys can simply mount the meet at that specific time this way you do not need to create separate links and leave all that hassle to calendly it takes care of it the third tool that I like to recommend all of you guys to use is named notion it is a tool that one among my friends yosh recommended and it is a it is a really cool tool such as you may need noticed right on google or suite you've got google sheets you've got google docs you've got google slides and tons of other things and collaborating is straightforward but you've got tons of those products what notion does is that it gives you a very simple easy to use interface and combines the power of google docs google sheets google slides all of them with plenty of integrations and I’m not kidding you'll actually make a website a full-fledged website using notion. It is extremely powerful it could be it sort of a lot of individuals use it for the productivity purposes they use it to arrange their daily tasks they organize it to you recognize maybe keep track of spreadsheets keep track of things they're doing and it is a very useful gizmo another tool that I exploit is called g suite.

So what g suite does is that it gives you a business email address. So if I say for example own the name I can have an email address that says Harish if I own a website called I can have an email address that says at this just makes your email address look of look very professional and when you're like sending out cold emails or when you're contacting someone or when you're sharing a contact with someone it seems way more professional than saying hey my email address is Harish now maybe it isn't an enormous huge priority but I feel it's quite important for people to possess knowledgeable email address. If you are looking into that then check out g suite immediately they need an offer running it costs around 125 rupees per month. So if you're someone who thinks that professionalism is extremely important then you'll give g suite a shout it's super easy to use and yeah having knowledgeable email address may be a must nowadays the next tool it's more of a social media platform that each one freelancers should be in is LinkedIn in fact now obviously I’ve made tons of videos about LinkedIn but let me catch on straight LinkedIn is the place where you discover clients that's the place where you'll research about clients that is the place where you can know the persona of your client right.

So LinkedIn and twitter you bought to leverage both of those platforms because remember just believe it right if you have few high-paying clients then that means that you can have a pleasant livelihood but finding those few high-paying clients is a difficult part and then retaining them is far harder than that and that is why I feel personalization are some things that's important you've got to know what your client actually needs and if you only go to the LinkedIn profile scroll you can just scroll through it find where they studied if they studied in the same college as you probably did or if they you know visited an equivalent preschool as you did or they need an equivalent skills that you did you can also you recognize go inspect the posts that they create. So you will get sort of a brief understanding about what quite person he or she is and accordingly personalize and dm them saying hey I saw that you're curious about football even I’m a Manchester united fan or can we've a talk about it and begin an informal relationship which eventually benefits you in your business piece also.

So my point is leverage all of those platforms get on twitter get on LinkedIn observe what's happening especially twitter it is a great platform to know what skills are in demand what products are getting used like I came to know a few lot of tools through twitter itself sort of a lot of people mention these tools and that really helps you recognize know about the planet what's happening around the world on if you're on twitter then you'll know what's happening within the us you'll know how an entrepreneur from silicon valley is thinking how an entrepreneur from Singapore is thinking. So there are tons of the way of doing things and observing patterns all of this will be done if you're on LinkedIn or twitter leverage both of those platforms and I’ll see you within the next one. 

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