Uses of laptop for students

Good Laptop for College Students

Good Laptop for College Students

Hey guys welcome back in another topic in today's topic we'll be comparing MacBook with Windows PC. At the top of the post you'll be able to take a wise decision to experience you don't commit an equivalent mistake that I did while buying a laptop. so with none further ado.

Let's get into the topic super important watch till the top laptop for an engineering student is like an investment so you've got to settle on the right laptop. because you would like to try to your assignments you bought to load in software like Photoshop premiere pro things like that. or for if you would like you'll download books and study during my exams say. if I study for like eight hours then I spend almost seven hours on the laptop and maybe one hour I’ll read some book. like whenever you study in bits usually they you recognize upload PPTs and for that you would like a laptop for show. now thereupon out of the question so I think everyone's pretty clear that you simply need a laptop. so if you're getting to not get a laptop I don't think it'll be a wise decision do get a laptop. it's getting to be super critical if you are going for school all right therefore. the first criteria are battery life as a university student battery life is super important because you'll be carrying your laptop to the library lectures. so when it involves battery life a minute though windows machines use k one is acer aspire.

The other one is dell latitude though battery life bi or normal web browsing or MacBook air it gives me around 12 to 13 hours of battery life so when it involves battery life we've a transparent winner mango care second criteria is weight. now as a university student you'd be carrying your laptop in your backpack or a classes the lighter it's the higher it's for you. MacBook air is super light while most windows machines are pretty heavy so when it involves lightness I might always prefer MacBook air even MacBook pro is pretty light. but this doesn't mean that each one windows machines are uh heavyweight uh just a dell xpsa. it's pretty lightweight so if weight may be a factor you are looking at the dell xp is taken into account constructive. even Microsoft surface book even that's pretty light. these are the two lighter options but on a mean windows is typically heavier. windows machines are usually heavier than MacBook’s.

Third important thing is software now this is often pretty simple windows me software crack karna bahot suna and duplicate Photoshop your pirated Kobe software Elena. so it's pretty easy plus windows features a wide variety of software’s so actually in college like I remember, I had to download a software for my electronics project Orwell software was only available for windows. so whenever it involves downloading software's like Photoshop premiere pro or the other so window it's extremely easy to try to it on a windows machine as compared to a mac in terms of software.

I might say windows is the winner but MacBook make feature called boot camp right that's an option you'll check out. if you're getting a mac so here the winner is that this but if you're getting camp another factor is speed. so whenever plus software's maybe you recognize. whenever I use same software for instance there's maybe Photoshop you scratch my Photoshop used my Photoshop jelly loaded I are. you able to know do tons of things in Photoshop in a very short span well windows are Lagging. I do not know why maybe because software or hardware look while just in case of mac. everyone like everything is formed by apple itself. so here when it involves speed MacBook is a clear winner subsequent criteria is gaming.

Some student plays lots of individual’s game right through college. you'll see lots of your friends playing games. though Kobe you recognize during a way you would possibly want to urge into gaming. I got a gaming fan neo so it's fine but. if you are a gaming fan then windows is that the clear window a comparability along gaming you'll make me watch that against the millennium. within the first place plus it doesn't have the you recognize capabilities to run heavy weight games. though windows may be a clear winner if you would like to urge into gaming. I’ll be supplying you with names of your gaming laptops at the top so stay tuned. windows is that the winner for gaming for sure.

Another factor that you simply might want to consider is screen size. screen size it's 13 inch this is 15 inch MacBook air or MacBook pro with 13 inch or 15 inch but 15 inches today expensive. it's clear I opted for the 13 inch one while windows majority of the laptops have 15 inch screens it's sick of that I assume so if you would like to watch movies. so I might say get this screen in-tuned. I had to shop for an external monitor with the movies but if you're fine with the 13-inch screen then normal. but if you would like to observe a movie or something to a external monitor attached while during this case 15-inch may come to dagger or if you would like to shop for a 15-inch MacBook air or pro then even that's fine so when it comes to screen size sustainment butter screen is windows.

Next is design I really like my mac it's sleek simple very light so you recognize. it's a bit like you know iPad type collector. so whenever I’m going for classes or if I would like to love go and meet some especially for an individual like me, who can't lift heavy weight laptops uh windows is slightly heavy let's see and um closest windows machine to a MacBook is uh Microsoft surface pro it's exactly like a MacBook pro and uh all the features the you recognize the way the software works everything even the planning everything that resembles a MacBook air so if you would like something if you would like the windows experience on a mac then choose Microsoft surface pro 8 charger so once I visited the shop or the apple the apple reseller store lucky the charger would cost you 9000 rupees spending 9000 rupees for a charger so they're pretty expensive.

But issues with the software or the hardware so uh as far as you recognize durability is product though MacBook is that the winner. so it is a good investment also now uh so uh I might say MacBook is that the winner the bots are a startup speak uh you recognize use MacBook’s you can spare uh the processing is pretty fast background processes both come right there and as I said software or hardware integration but up seamlessly so you recognize once you 're coding when you have multiple software’s open once you have uh you recognize multiple tabs open it's making lagging so plenty of coders prefer MacBook plus it's Michelle and bill data like it's supported Unix is predicated out of Linux though you know uh Shelby so you recognize people prefer the terminal prefer uh coding on the mac as compared to windows just with the lag coding it's pretty annoying or is my terminal so you will have to get the shell but to be honest coding myself uh so you'll choose either of them.

It doesn't really make much of a difference obviously and MacBook pro would attend around two lakhs or two lakes of surround and windows obviously can catch on for as cheap as 20 000 or higher ends. such as you know predator or usb higher end uh msc gaming laptops valet which will be expensive in order that could attend one 1.5 lakhs okay guys so I would like to introduce you to at least one more laptop this is often dell latitude 3490 and uh this is often very expensive it's quite 80 000 rupees but it's extremely slow and that I didn't really like it plus it's pretty heavy so don't choose this if you're planning on getting alright guys so here's a summary.

If you've got a high budget if you are doing not game if you would like an excellent fast laptop. if you would like a better battery life then go for MacBook air or MacBook pro. if you would like if you game if you would like of software’s in additional to what's there in college and if you would like an equivalent good old fashioned windows experience then choose uh windows no or little question over there if you've got a lower budget then choose windows uh max are overpriced both expensive go for windows.

Now Lenovo idea pad 330 that is the cheapest option out there other sith upgrade karna then you'll try out hp 15 core i5 8 gen. which costs 40 000 and mid range you'll try ASUS vivo book 15 which costs 55k or high-end normal usage you'll try ASUS Zen book duo which costs 1.1 lakh now if you're into gaming and you would like a gaming laptop then budget range may or the simplest one is msi gf63 thin which costs 55 000. mid-range gaming laptop is Lenovo legend y545 it costs one lakh and high-end ASUS rog strix g15 which costs 1.2 lakhs.

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