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how to give tedx talk

Here I'm going to tell you about how I gave a TEDx talk at 19. Now last year in December I went and gave a TEDx youth talk and it seemed like this. So that was backstage and my talk looked like this it's there on the official directs YouTube channel. that I have a solid reason about why you ought to work towards the thought like if you wish art go become an artist. I mean why I dalliance if you wish YouTube go become a you tuber what's stopping you and within a month. my house smelled like solid shit alright so enough of flex now giving a TEDx talk is not an enormous deal on a mean.

The TEDx YouTube channel uploads like 5 videos every single day so it's safe to assume that every single day across the planet there are 5 TEDx talks and happening and even ty Lopez gave an interview at TEDx. I think it's really not an enormous deal except for an average student like me who has almost zero accomplishments in life. giving a TEDx talk was the most important deal of my life first things first our initiative explaining you what there's what directs is. then I will be telling you how you guys can provides it an X talk if you ever want to and within the middle.

I'll be telling you why i used to be selected to give a talk then we'll sum it up. I know this video may be a bit faraway from a usual track but just take it guys. I think it might be useful you would possibly end up giving a TEDx talk within the future who knows alright. so let's start with what tell us okay so tell is an entity that organizes of these talks it's independent or and that they organized TED Talks in order that they have a separate channel. and TED Talks is for like really her superior people are Shahrukh Khan Gates speak at Ted now dad has a franchisee called TEDx.

Anyone can organize a TEDx event even I can organize a TEDx event. if I buy the license  remember Ted is for profit so ted has the proper to form profit but TEDx isn't for profits so nobody benefits of direct speeches. it's just for popularity maybe so if you're organizing a TEDx talk then you cannot make profit off with the organizers cannot profit. and even the speaker's aren't paid they need to voluntarily come and give an interview. so in my case it had been a TEDx youth event organized by a faculty called Ashoka universal school. so these guys applied for the TEDx license and got the license now let me tell you ways I got a chance to talk at TEDx short answer I got lucky wrong answer keep watching.

So I feel when I was a child I wont to work on tons of projects. there is a site called Intractable I'm wearing it's t-shirt and Instructables features a lot of projects do you it is a lot of competitions happening and that I wont to participate in. out of them I wont to wish to build stuff and you recognize submit it as a project over there and that I won a competition called makerspace. we were among the highest 10 global teams and that I also want to contest call a solo contest. where I made sort of a solar-powered incubator or something and people things worked out pretty much.

Now once I was in the 12th grade I even have told you guys. I said I didn't choose a training right I went to a true school now then I also applied abroad. so I had to urge my letters of advice stuff like that written or also many Ashley videos remember that icky I used to be involved in extra curricular system and that I incubated when I the incubator is essentially your Styrofoam box is my temperature control of that and you'll hatch chicken eggs in it I hatched four eggs and that I had chickens in my house for a month so that's something I rented in my 7/3 but I had that project at hand and also I designed an app sort of a random map. where I presented at a small Bombay I had feel extra curricular to point out and Zimmerman was the one that wrote my letters of advice for cinnamon was my English teacher and one among the best teachers I've ever met she's very supportive and one among the explanations why I can the TEDx talk I mean she is that the reason I gave a TEDx talk within the first place so my mom knew me alright because of the projects that I did.

Now because of this you recognize I also scored pretty well in my boats 95.6 and also going to bits which apparently may be a big deal and because of these because of my mom and I stayed and touch even after I graduated high school now comes the part interesting part right so shoka Universal school was organizing a TEDx talk and they are trying to find speakers right so few of the speakers were as a student from Howard he's done a lot of things he runs an enormous community of students of thousands of scholars and they're performing on big problems of climate change they're working with government then there was an individual percolates law degrees he's a VJ is been on MTV and tons of international stuff is that quite thousand shows he has heard and thirty three thousand followers on Instagram then there was haaziq Ozzy he was performing on environmental problems earlier he had given talks in NY City gets

He had given an interview at Ted NY City and then there was a director Bollywood director called Almont record they were insane people then it had been me it I don't know how the how it happened but I think they were running in need of a speaker and that they were trying to find one more speaker to fill the gap and since I knew Superman well and since my mum knew about my projects and also because I was from an equivalent school she thought it would be an honest idea to suit me in because the scholars would be ready to relate because I'm from an equivalent school and I've done a couple of things and bits so yeah that's how I got selected so I had an interview and after the interview.

I think they like what I said what I might be talking about within the talk and after the interview it had been time for an interview to be honest I started preparing for the TEDx talk an evening before the event and if you've got seen the talk I see the word write sort of a million times and that I don't know why--I that's something I still regret like every after every single sentence I'm like right and that was an individual was ever getting royal treatment a car came to select me up I was escorted I used to be.

I visited fancy dinners at fancy places then this thing also they gave me memorabilia it's a picture of me and I am pitying cysts and I just about liked it many thanks tons ash okay if you're watching is watching this it's a tremendous thing that was it and TEDx talk got over and that I in my talk I mostly spoke about the projects that I worked on and that I also spoke about freelancing I used to be like why freelancing is that the way forward for work why you should be freelancing the benefits into plans and go orchard man I'm not going to explain it alright so now let me tell you ways you'll give talk if you ever want to there are two things right one is getting invited and the other is you guys getting into approaching so a junkie who was one among my fellow speakers he gave us it had been his fifth TEDx talk right so he was quite experienced. I asked him bro how does one go and provides some new TEDx talks they get invited and he was like no I emailed them so if you go to the exes website you'll see you can see who's organizing a TEDx talk and accordingly you'll contact the organizers like on the TEDx website.

It will tell you who the organizer is so what are you if you think that you've got a compelling story to travel and present then what does one do is you'd attend the TEDx website. and you choose up the organizers name and directly contact them saying hey I do know you're organizing a TEDx talk and that I think I even have a compelling story that I can share with people would you wish to possess me oh and that's it if they think they need then mostly have an interview with you and if they are convinced then provides it a pleasant talk so that is the easy way around but I would say exerting and you recognize do something amazing and obtain invited then you know reaching out with them that's my two cents on this alright so before I conclude I might wish to thank Ashoka universal school it isn't a billboard I genuinely forgot to you guys and I'll make sure that I cause you to proud someday see you guys hope a number of you give TEDx talk and if you are doing then do send me the link.

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