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What's up guys hope you're doing well today I'm getting to mention social life in college now social life is something that's vital right. because humans are social animals and being social helps you in your professional life. I even have seen your social life and it just helps you get a lot of opportunities because there are lot of individuals who do not have enough skills. who aren't you recognize that good at tech but simply because they skills to talk to people simply. because they know how to become someone likeable they end up getting tons of opportunities. if you might have seen sales people in companies on tons of cash. actually my dad's company he's employed for a corporation called ugly honest and over there the top salesman is given a Porsche a every single year. so that's what proportion sales people up paid they're filled tons of money for every see they create and also they have tons of incentives. my point is being social helps you regardless of what so under my 7th grade i used to be sort of a normal student with friends in. I mean not tons of friends but I wont to have a good friend circle but ranging from a ninth grade I focused tons on academics.

I rarely went out of my house I didn't hang out with my friends much and that you know apart from my house. i actually did not leave with people so it had been just my family and me due to this i do not know why but I start getting tons of anxiety. so during exams and stuff I used to get like hell anxiety a bit like start crying during exams and my mom used to feel for me. to be honest when I'm in my ninth and tenth grade I used to think that academics Neuwirth them in her life destroyed again. we're tenth cupboards may are at chez max new item in life maril I've destroyed ninth and tenth graders to travel for a coaching call my huge tutorials and that i was there i used to be one among the highest students. so they put tons of pressure on me they wanted me to love come first within the city stuff like that. so and crazy amount of mental pressure and that i wont to rarely talk to people I wasn't like very outgoing to man you see a sucky high as an evil Dada. I wont to await the other one that approached me I wont to be afraid to speak to women crazy time. right my social life was pretty tousled and this when the anxiety broke down though bones even during boards I wont to cry before every single exam.

I just couldn't take that mental pressure but I ended up scoring 96.6% in my boards. so my eleventh and twelfth grade. I changed schools and that i visited a wait chill school. it had been an excellent school called xoconostle school. where it isn't participating in extracurricular and my social life started improving. so I had way more friends then you recognize in my previous school. so I start lecture a lot of individuals and that i wasn't that afraid to talk to people. now i used to be a touch out Kawai but still i used to be an introvert taking bath Sagar. I drew it so I wont to still await people to approach me and talk College is what changed everything, first year of school you recognize I still had that mentality of not lecture girls and stuff like that but once I start you recognize getting to college. I met a lot of individuals tons of wonderful people and one thing that i noticed is that. if you are an introvert and remember that a lot of individuals around you I also it drove us extroverts are rare to urge so tons of people around me also are introverts so do not be afraid to approach it in road and mint.

Road is usually happy to accept another introvert and have a conversation with them. So in my second year of school I took up a pledge saying every single day i might meet three new people and clearly I didn't follow the pledge strictly but I ended up making numerous friends guys in mind in lectures like whenever some let's use to happen I just go and sit next to random people and check out to strike a conversation now this is often a suggestion for you guys if you're sitting during a lecture hall and if you would like to form friends with someone who's it sit next to a random person and ask him a question saying hey what was taught in the last lecture now this makes them explain what was taught within the last lecture then you'll have some follow-up questions there are some questions of educational doubt then you can quickly have an honest conversation and then be like hey what's your name which also the eleven stuff like that.

So this way I made tons of friends actually some of my best friends today were total strangers whom I met during a lecture hall in my first year once I wont to walk to the mess I used rarely meet people whom I knew in my second beer once I wont to walk to the mess every now then i used to be like hi hi hi. So when I'm walking towards people a lot of individuals enter the other direction and recognize me because i used to be confident enough to travel sit next to strangers and strike a conversation even though i used to be an introvert. So you would possibly have heard about fake it till you create it right that's not applicable everywhere but you'll try it up here fake confidence and it'd cause you to actually confidently that was really put out alright okay let's mention something more it said that your net worth is your network. So that's how important your network is I got my first internship due to my network i buy a lot of opportunities on LinkedIn I got a freelance I had tons of freelance opportunities because I even have an honest Network.

So form an honest network now remember another good strategy of creating friends in college is to show online friends at offline friends I even have thousands of online friends whom I've never ever met but still I text them every single day or not every simile protects them often on Instagram on LinkedIn on Facebook and tons of other platforms. So I I've made tons of real friends like offline friends by first meeting them online. So there are lot of people who contact me on LinkedIn and even I contact tons of individuals on LinkedIn then found out meetings with them. So even that works actually I even have set up the meetings with business owners by texting them on LinkedIn I've found out I met tons of my friends by texting them on LinkedIn. So yeah that works now the next point to stay in mind is to travel out of your temperature it's fine if people charge you do not care honestly people have tons more to try to to in life rather than charging you.

Tons of people are afraid to speak to people because they think oh what a fee charges me what if she charges to me what if she thinks oh i'm lame don't believe that just go and ask people tons of very less people judge because they need way more important things to try to to in life than charging some random person Oh another important thing to stay in mind is to hitch clubs I joined two clubs the first one is named Department of sponsorship and marketing and therein particular club wont to cold call people to get sponsors for our fests which changed everything guys I wont to be afraid to select up the decision and call some random stranger earlier like clearing school days and every one I wont to be afraid to talk to people over the phone but over here I spoke to business owners who rejected me like 100 times and once you get rejected it is. So amazing because when you get rejected you become stronger and more rejections means you become tougher and tougher and during a at a point you only become resistant to rejections.

Now when someone says hey i do not i do not want to try to to business with you only shut up then I'll like oh thanks no problem see you tomorrow something that because I don't care about rejections now I'm just. So wont to it. So yeah join clubs and even be wont to have all things at different clubs and different restaurants. So I met tons of people over there also and learn to talk can we make new friends I'm not the I'm not very extroverted but I moved beyond the purpose where I can a minimum of make friends. So oh yeah also I joined a club called sell i'm the president of sell immediately and sell is additionally a really supportive trait because it's it is a club where we do tons of entrepreneurship activities we've webinars with big shots and that we have a lot of pitching competitions we organize a lot of you recognize talks here and there. So sell the attack club is sort of a family I almost know every single person itself I know what their personality is and it's. So amazing because it's like my extended family. So cell has given me a lot and you recognize it just it's helped me make tons of friends because these guys have Mutual's. So they'll be like hey does one know him hey does one know.

That way I can expand my network and obtain to know tons of individuals in college also YouTube has also helped me tons of people approach me and be like hey are you that I own you too I've seen you I see you I see you very see my name is my name is Shree ants stuff like that. So uh yeah Beauty also helps I'm not saying start a YouTube channel to become popular but you'll try that out also if you're interested. So yeah these were a couple of of my stories these were my experiences of big of being a really introverted person and transforming into a less introverted person i might see i might say i'm a very extraordinary deal i do know this resonates with tons of you because majority of individuals I draw is guys. So don't worry if you're introverted don't worry if you are not social don't be concerned if you are not confident it's all gonna be alright just ask people talking to people helps and I'll see you within the next one.

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