Student should avoid these Mistakes in College

Mistakes to avoid in Education

avoid college mistake

In this post I’m going to discuss five mistakes that you simply shouldn't be doing in college. Now I have been in college for nearly three years now and I know I’ve observed some of things that my friends do and I’ve committed some mistakes college gives you lots of freedom okay like mostly of you come from je background. you recognize for two years you have been hustling you've been studying much but the instant you land in college you're like hey I’ve got this incredible amount of freedom I have personal room I even have my very own set of friends I can do whatever I would like. Are you able to know roam round the campus no one's getting to tell me anything albeit I don't study nobody really cares you can just go out anytime and nobody really cares. 

Many individuals get this incredible amount of freedom which of individuals haven't seen before during the varsity days now there are few people that use this freedom use it productively make new friends you know build a pleasant network learn or learn lots of latest things and you know during a way progress in their career at an equivalent time there are people that take this freedom get into the incorrect things and then from there onwards their life progress is simply a downhill. I would like you guys to be the one who progresses in his career and not someone who uses freedom to travel downhill in life. With none further ado let's talk about the five mistakes that the majority college students come at and why I don't want you guys to commit the same mistake favorite is pretty simple. it's not joining clubs or departments now I do know plenty of individuals in my first year who didn't leave and join these clubs and departments a lot of schools have clubs are essentially a gaggle of like-minded people who want to try to something together for instance there might be a club for debating there might be a club for web development there might be a club for entrepreneurship. 

There are many clubs in these colleges and you guys as first year students or second year students should actively participate in these clubs because remember college isn't almost reading books it isn't like 12th grade wherein you recognize you study a few of j books do an exam then achieve life apparently college is different from that you simply got to be someone who's all rounded you need to be ready to communicate well you should be ready to you recognize express yourself well publicly and at the same time you know develop some kind of interest. that moving on in life you have a transparent path and clubs are an excellent way of exploring parts right, first-year students are confused about hey what should I do in life and club is that the answer. join as many clubs as you would like and eventually you will find yourself liking a specific topic just say entrepreneurship or marketing then I can compare starting a startup and marketing and that I are often like hey and then eventually you will be ready to take better life decisions. 

Join as many clubs and departments as possible extracurricular may do focus in order that you guys get to understand what happens out there within the real world the second mistake that of individual’s commit is misuse of internet now the internet may be a great resource right you can do online courses you'll watch Netflix you'll watch amazon prime entertainment is sorted or you are a lot you can learn tons of things like education is sorted the internet just connects tons of people. 

You'll even start a corporation using just the web but at an equivalent time the web has the negative aspects every positive thing has some kind of negative aspect which includes obscene content pornography violence and tons of bad things attached thereto and you recognize what the bad side of the internet seems lucrative because some of individuals get dopamine hits when they watch these quite content but I’ve done some research on this subject and it has been scientifically proven that the bad side of the web which is used for dopamine hits is a very addictive face like once you get trapped into it it's super difficult to urge out of it you do not you do not want to urge into the incorrect parts of the web and then feel guilty you recognize have mental instability and then just have a special perspective altogether. regardless of what your hormones are saying don't trust it use your brain and just stay within the strength of the web that's good for your future another thing to stay in mind is substances alcohol weed all of this now see smoking and drinking tons of individuals roll in the hay across the world right but remember smoking features a lot of bad effects and everyone knows about it but still you know people get into it and college is in most people's lives college is that the time once they get into smoking. 

Please don't get into smoking if you care about your lungs if you care about living for a long time then don't get into that I know some of individuals who got into smoking and I’ve been observing their life path and immediately in their 40s and 50s they're struggling they're having set of health complications they're having heart diseases and they're having lung diseases things are happening. you might not feel the consequences immediately but afterward in your life it's gonna kill you actually as far as drinking cares mostly people are drinking is suitable but obviously if you go above a limit then you're going to lose your mind I’ve remained clean. I have never I do not drink neither do I smoke and I’m quite proud of my life to be honest.

Just live a clean life if possible and if you would like health reasons about why you ought to not be drinking or smoking watch runway Rather’s videos where he's he talks about why you should not be doing it and how you'll improve your life by just quitting smoking or drinking the next part is complex I remember when I visited college in my first year I was stunned by the quantity of things people were doing some guys were getting crazy internships some guys were getting placed at google a few people were starting successful startups and you recognize I used to be like around life man and then I just started doing tons of things directly and I used to be very frustrated I was like hey I gotta cope up with this crowd I gotta do something most are good in academics most are good at some of the opposite extracurricular you know people are getting to like sport clubs what am I doing what am I doing then I used to be like hey take a chill pill everything goes to happen if you stay patient. just attend college start observing what people do but at an equivalent time do not feel inferior because you've got capability you've got potential every single person has potential.

Don't be concerned about you recognize if agar koi fodra then don't care like it's fine just observe his success and just appreciate it rather than feeling salty or being like hey he's doing such great things even I should be doing something similar be yourself do whatever you wish because see once I visited YouTube once I went to college very few people were doing YouTube there were there have been people that were way more successful than me but I followed my passion of creating like on cam videos showing my face. I didn't follow anyone else I used to be very original when it came to content. which worked out pretty much right. you follow your own thing if you wish you know say machine learning then follow your own path learn from others but don't try copying others just be yourself everyone's unique and do not feel inferior you're special the last one is bunking classes . see a minim of at bits there's zero percent attendance right. 

What I do is I even have to work out all the important classes and I’ll need to eliminate all the useless classes that's how I roll in the hay and it's figured out pretty much right. you would like to ascertain which classes you want to actually attend like there are a few classes of classes then you'd not be ready to do your exam well. that might put you during a little bit of trouble. be careful while choosing those classes choose all the important classes at an equivalent time there are classes which are essentially a waste of your time at least in my opinion. you would like to figure out which classes are useful which classes aren't and then accordingly prioritize things right because while studying you might have tons of things to try to directly a lot of subjects to try to directly and without prioritization it's getting to be difficult to cope up with the syllabus or you know finish of these syllabus at one go and that's why I say you recognize just prioritize things know which subjects are important there are credits given to every subject. few subjects could be your four credits few subjects could be of two credits. 

Obviously you will have to prioritize a four credit one over a two credit one because the probabilities of you increasing your CGP employing a four credit course is way above a two credit course for obvious reasons and that way you would like to plan out everything pretty much an honest planned academic year is far better than a tough working year where you've got no clue about what's happening right I have done this within the past I wont to be a really bad planner I just want to sit right before the exam and then start studying that didn't give me optimum performance but afterward I used to be like hey let's be consistent let's plan out our study sessions and let's prioritize subjects that way I used to be ready to perform a little bit better. yeah keep that in mind and that is pretty much it guys.

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