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become software engineer

What's up guys so today i would like to speak about something that tremendously helped me out once. I was on the path of trying to become a software developer and this one thing is not even anything technical it actually doesn't even have anything to do with software development.

I came from a completely different background than software engineering. I was totally non-technical i had a degree in international studies work experience was as a bank teller. so i knew the transition from going from that to software development wasn't getting to be a simple one and it was likely to require a very long time year probably.

Now before i mention what that one thing is let's talk a touch bit about motivation. motivation is a great point you would interested it to urge started.

You would like it to push you to form whatever change you're trying to form in your life and for a lot of individuals that change isn't easy. you might be working a full-time job. You might have a family and trying to try to do something like get into. software development or software engineering is hard enough on its own without those other challenges. So motivation may be a great thing to urge you started but as humans motivation tends to return and go it fades away it comes back it's ups and downs sometimes just downs and albeit you're super motivated.

Initially maybe after weeks or months or maybe years you would possibly start to feel unmotivated and you recognize. you might start to feel a touch burnt out and that is completely normal. So it's great to have it initially but you cannot rely on motivation forever and i have even gotten messages from people. like hey i'm starting to get into programming but it wasn't as easy as i assumed. I'm having tons of trouble understanding certain concepts i'm for a lot of stuff. I even have to travel to my professors to know it which is completely normal but he was basically saying. how he was beginning to feel unmotivated and it's totally normal to feel that way trust me. It happened to me tons in my journey my journey from writing my first line of code to getting a degree in computing took over four years and i even remember the very first-class. I took was calculus i got a d on the primary midterm and that i was just as wow you know maybe this is not on behalf of me and and you know i just began to feel unmotivated and that i began to question my goals.

In order that brings me to the point of this video which is that you need to create habits that's really all there's thereto let me offer you guys an example. if you have ever been to school or any classroom setting where there's unassigned seating you know you enter the primary day and you sit somewhere on the other hand what happens on the second day. everyone comes back and sits within the same seat that they were in on the primary day. You can sit anywhere you would like the second day except for some reason.

We're just more comfortable sitting somewhere that we've already been and it even gets to the purpose where if afterward within the semester someone sits in your seat you are like what are you doing. Get out of my seat even though technically it isn't yours that's because as humans we are habitual creatures. we're comfortable with what we all know we're comfortable with routine so on behalf of me it had been all about building good habits and and mostly. it was even as simple as having some kind of structure in my schedule so my advice is to possess some quite schedule either you know daily or weekly set specific times aside for when you're going to study or whatever you would love to do.

For example you recognize i made sure like when i awakened. i might do some quite programming for a few hours i might confirm i did something such as attend the gym on monday wednesday Friday. Which made it so albeit you know at some point i used to be feeling unmotivated to try to something say it had been a Monday. i might still do something alike force myself to travel to the gym. because i had been so wont to it because i'd build that habit over. which by the way as developers we are sitting within the same spot for many hours each day. so i do suggest that you guys get some sort of exercise uh you recognize several times every week. so even though it'd desire you recognize that takes away time from once you might be working or programming. i desire taking those few hours out of your day to quite disconnect and you know have some kind of schedule outweighs the negatives.

Now i'm talking about building good habits but i feel something that's even as important is eliminating the bad habits. you recognize eliminating people or a minimum of having less contact with people that  want to only leave and party every night right. we all have that one friend who's like hey man we gotta leave. it's tuesday night we're having three dollar margaritas at this bar and then you leave then subsequent day it's so then at this different place and you.

It really takes away time that you simply might be spending doing productive stuff and stuff that you do to undertake and achieve your goals and i have been guilty of it too you recognize playing video games for way too long or watching sports nightly. which you recognize it's fine to try to to but you should a minimum of you recognize you know everything carefully. it is what i might i feel so it's good to try to to stuff but just you recognize limit it and do not have it to require away too much time for what you're actually trying to try to do so.

I hope this article was helpful. i wasn't really getting to write a article like this but the thought quite just randomly popped in my head. and that i felt as this was a article that might be really helpful to people. Because i do know tons of you guys are either new software development or brooding about stepping into it and tons of you guys are getting to go through an equivalent struggles that i went through several years ago and trust me the struggle is real and yeah i just hope this article was helpful so anyways many thanks guys such a lot for reading and as always keep on coding.

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