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Today I will be reading your Instagram DMs and answering them. Lots of you guys text me asking for differing types of recommendation. now understand that I’m not an expert I’m a bit like you guys. but if you're really keen to understand my opinion then be happy to observe the video. and I’ll attempt to assist you the maximum amount as possible and if you are not already following me on Instagram then please do. I do read all the dms I’d answer it late but I do reply back to each single dm. dharam is asking should I study for je or should I do online courses. now this is often an excellent question right because during corona you guys are stuck reception and you are like hey I’m becoming bored and that I just cannot study for je mains. I just cannot study for bit set it's just everything goes over my head I’m forgetting what I learned within the past I buy you.

I do know what you're affected by and to be honest I might say at this point a right combination between you recognize doing things that you simply like. jay would be the right thanks to go because you never know when the exam is going to happen. I might say you'll reduce the je study time but be consistent revise old concepts. you recognize keep studying keep giving mocks and at an equivalent time whenever you get bored. just to urge obviate that boredom you can start doing few udemy courses. I would not suggest you guys to travel out and you recognize look for clients at this point. because which will take up your time and you recognize you will have to dedicate mental space thereto part.

I might say go to w3schools go to udemy attend you recognize coursera and start learning few courses and just do them right. instead of you recognize watching YouTube videos I mean you'll watch my videos but rather than watching lots of YouTube videos you'll dedicate a while to these learning sites and begin doing few courses. find the proper combination between jay and coursera if your parents are like hey stop wasting time then be like hey mom I’m not dalliance I’m learning a skill. which is extremely important you should be ready to convince your parents and if you are not ready to convince your parents you would not be able to convince your customers. the next question is asked by supriya and she's like hey are you able to guide me to how to get an internship. all right now  I might not ask you guys to not attend sites like internship because I’m unsure if internship would give you a positive result you'll provides it a shot. and maybe check it for yourself get on LinkedIn follow decision makers of excellent companies or of buzzing startups right.

If you recognize some health tech startup or an edtech startup these industries are booming right now. if you discover you recognize good startups in these spaces there are millions of startups out there. find you recognize decision makers connect with them follow them on LinkedIn follow them on twitter and just or keep observing because plenty of these startups have intern positions open they do want to rent good skilled talent and maybe you'll be the proper fit them. I might say get on LinkedIn or keep track of these decision makers they might anytime put out an alert about internship or even if you think that that this startup is doing rather well be happy to dm them and ask be like hey I feel this a part of your company are often improved and I can provide you with an idea just ask for feedback or stuff like that my point is simply start establishing a really good reference to them another good website is glassdoor.

go to glassdoor you'll find it find plenty of you recognize good internships over there even google provides tons of internships. what I mean by that's once you continue google search and sort in internships in Bombay you will find an inventory of good internships. you'll just call them up and be like hey how do I apply you'll do this or you can just straight up email the ceo or the founder it's pretty easy to seek out their email address it's always their name at the speed the name of their site for instance if I to you recognize mail sudha it'll mostly be sunder at or I’m unsure if that's actually one but for most CEOs for many startups this is often how you get their email address straight up email them and be like hey does one have any positions to open these are my skills.  am I an honest fit for your company let's have a fast talk let's examine.

If things compute you've got to be proactive you've to go out there and get on of these sites glasto angel list all of those sites and look out for internships vedant is asking hey should I apply to us colleges and spend money or should I stay back in India.  this is entirely a private choice but I think during covert going international might be a touch bit tough. because you do not know when these travel restrictions are getting to be lifted when colleges are getting to resume. therefore, the international part may be a bit shady at now the national part. I mean if you would like to stay back in India then I might say that's a secure option and you recognize colleges are opening up and there will be no travel restrictions. a minimum of India would open up state to state transportation before it does international flights right. I might say if you actually want to use it to the us or another country then do have an Indian backup cool.

if you are doing not get that then have some Indian backups where you'll apply to  and at an equivalent time make sure that each one the clarification is put in situ. ask them when it's going to open up for international students how ways you are going to travel. what are the prices getting to be like because ultimately you do not want to finish up spending plenty of cash just for online courses you would possibly as well stay in India and attend a physical college? confirm I would say this is often more of a private choice the us is extremely expensive if you're ready to spend like 30 40 50 000 per annum and study there then well and good. it entirely depends on you ask your parents and ask yourself and be like hey what exactly do I would like to try to Pankaj is asking how do I begin to code.

I might say a minimum of in my case I wasn't an honest programmer I mean even now I’m not an honest programmer but last year I knew zero about code I just knew like basically plus very basic java just a syntax’s i wasn't ready to really build applications right. once I saw applications like Netflix or maybe google search I wont to be like hey how do this stuff work behind the scenes and that is once I got interested in node.js it is a runtime environment and it helps you understand how these applications add the behind the scenes I took up a udemy course by Andrew Meade and then it had been pretty good then I started working with my friend Keenan who is killing it in node.js and just started learning from him. that's been my case I might suggest you guys to also do some practical thing, do udemy courses you'll roll in the hay from other sites allot a problem w3 schools or free code camp roll in the hay from those sites but ultimately my point is code like write code don't just watch videos that's not getting to assist you and build projects build world projects you'll build an e-commerce site otherwise you can build a weather otherwise you know website build some sort of project that you recognize.

How these projects actually work because just knowing the syntax and just doing basic coding console logging isn't getting to help you in the least. work on real projects on YouTube if you only type in real world coding projects or world JavaScript projects then you'll get plenty of them tons of individuals even ask hey should I do JavaScript or python you'll go with python if you're interested in machine learning and deep learning if you are not getting web development or actually building stuff you can I’ll accompany JavaScript which is one of the foremost popular languages out there  which bits campus is that the best all right. bits camp I mean bits pilani is the oldest they need a pleasant heritage they have a pleasant alumni network but. does the opposite campuses right the bits pilani thing remains forever.

Albeit you're within the Hyderabad campus or the goa campus or the Dubai campus the bits pilani tag remains forever and that is what really matters at the top of the day right  if you're talking about facilities then  if I feel pilani is basically good in research they have better funding  goa is really good because it's goa you've got it's the quality of living is far better you recognize you've got it's newer and al you recognize it's goa you'll go out there and hang around together with your friends Hyderabad it's very new therefore the infrastructure is amazing they have specialized eateries.

Compared to other campuses Hyderabad is best eateries and Dubai is Dubai I do not know much about Dubai.  I might say it all depends on your personal preferences just see which one suits you the simplest and ultimately take a choice.

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