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It's time to conduct a social experiment we always hear about how easy it's to get employment as a software developer it's time to place that to the test. I'm going to be applying to 50 software developer jobs and waiting probably sort of a month and seeing what develops over that point. Let's see if it really is that easy i know a month isn't an extended time but it will be interesting to ascertain how far i buy along within the process. A little bit info about myself. I have a bachelor-ate in international studies. I even have a master's in computing i have one internship at amazon. 

I even have a year and a half experience at another tech company and a year experience at my current company. so I even have an honest amount of experience. i have a graduate degree during a very relevant field so in theory it should be pretty easy for me to urge employment in theory. therefore the rules are i'm only going to apply to companies that i've heard of i'm not trying to hitch a corporation with five folks that won't even be here during a year. i'm only applying to jobs that are either remote roles or in california because i would like to remain in state. 

I'm only applying to jobs that need four years or less of experience. i have about two and a half years myself. so i desire within four years is realistic but anything that's like within the five plus year range might just be a tough rejection from the corporate. i'm only getting to apply to jobs that are relevant to my experience. so i'm more of an application developer so i'm not going to be applying to love machine learning roles and finally i'm only getting to apply to a company once so albeit i see multiple roles i'm just getting to do one application per company. 

I did create this air table spreadsheet here to stay track of all the roles and therefore the stages that i'm at with them so the first column goes to be everywhere that i apply to and i have already applied to some places as you'll see but then we've all the various stages that you simply are often in right you've got your recruiter screen first you've got the technical phone interview then you will have your on-site then finally you either have a suggestion or you'll get a rejection now honestly after one month if i buy one offer. 

I will be pretty happy but i'm guessing most of those applications will probably be within the denied section or i probably just won't ever hear back from the corporate alright so once i finish applying to all or any these places i will be able to give you guys an inventory of all 50 companies um it's likely to require a short time because even those first 15 that i applied to took a few hours alright so i'm getting to go ahead and apply to the businesses and we'll check back during a month so i'll see you guys then so here's the entire list of the companies it took me several days to succeed in 50. 

I underestimated how long it might take to find that a lot of companies that met all the principles i put in situ and also a lot of companies just are not hiring immediately with all the uncertainty that's happening but i used to be ready to find 50 so let's examine what happens all right so vlog style update here it's been a few months since applying originally. 

I used to be getting to have this whole thing be one month long but i feel like that's just not enough time so let's consider this sort of a midpoint check-in so thus far out of the 50 places i applied to i've gotten rejections from 19 i got one interview and that i haven't heard back from 30 places and interesting enough out of these 19 places i got a rejection from three of these roles were actually you know they are not considering people for that anymore so i think tons of places are having hiring freezes therefore the one interview that i did have was with jet propulsions laboratory or jpl if you do not know jpl they work very closely with nasa they are doing pretty much all or most of the engineering and research that nasa does. 

So i assumed this interview was getting to be your typical you recognize tell me about yourself and then they only tell me a touch bit about the role but these guys there have been two people on the phone and that they were like grilling me on my history and what i already realize jpl and why i would like to figure there and um you recognize the questions weren't like crazy difficult but i used to be definitely caught off guard in order that was a few week ago I even have not heard back from them but i will be able to allow you to guys know if anything changes so at now i'm just gonna you recognize let this whole wait out a couple of more weeks see if anything changes then i will be able to give you guys a final update in a few month alright. 

It's time for the ultimate update and uh not much of an update here i got a couple of more cold rejections but um oh actually i did receive an email from a recruiter from ebay so i used to be thinking okay here's something from a reputable company maybe something will begin of it the recruiter and that i do not know why some recruiters do that but he sent me an email on thursday evening asking what my availability was for that week so i might need to reply with my availability then he would need to confirm it and then we might need to have the actual call all within each day. 

So i sent him my availability for that next day which is friday also because the next week just just in case but i never heard back i sent the follow-up email but i got nothing and this is often something that i wanted to bring up because recruiter ghosting may be a real McCoy and i've worked with a lot of recruiters over the past few years probably over 100 and this might sound quite harsh but a lot of them haven't any idea what they're doing and i've been ghosted several times and and you recognize i've talked about it before on my channel and i had tons of individuals comment and saying that an equivalent thing happens to them all the time and in my opinion it's pretty unacceptable and it's something that needs to be addressed and i do not know why it happens so often. 

If you're watching this in your recruiter are you able to let me know i mean i don't think that they are that busy that they can not reply to an email and you recognize they're they're playing with people's emotions this is not the summer delivery job at pizza hut this is often people's careers there's a lot of cash at stake and this stuff must stop man so that's just my event for the article uh i don't know if i'm overreacting i don't think i'm but you recognize it's something that definitely must be addressed and glued but anyways like i said i applied to 50 jobs and that i got one interview that's a two percent interview rate which isn't excellent and i desire. 

I even have a reasonably solid resume and everything that i applied for i felt like i used to be qualified for but i feel it's just the sign of the days that we're living in a lot of companies simply aren't hiring i remember even once I was applying there were companies that i used to be looking for and that i looked within the career section and there was like nothing there and that i think it's just really hard to seek out something immediately. 

I mean people are getting laid off left and right so it's hard enough or it is a challenge to even keep your job immediately including finding something new and i am you recognize i'm one among the lucky ones I even have employment right now i do know there are tons of people that are unemployed and they are browsing this and it just really sucks but i do want to mention that in these last like two months. 

Since i started this experiment i've had several recruiters reach bent me via like email or linkedin so i feel it just goes to point out that you get definitely get more return on investment trying to you recognize like network or trying to succeed in bent recruiters say via LinkedIn than it's to spend your time just cold applying to a bunch of jobs so honestly that's that's probably the most useful thing that i learned from this experiment is you know networking over cold applying and i was really hoping to urge further along in a number of the interview processes just so this article might be more interesting but i mean this is often exactly what happened and tons of this stuff is out of my control. 

I hope you guys did find the article helpful i mean it took a few months to plan and film and edit so i'd appreciate it if you guys did hit the like button if you enjoyed it also consider subscribing if you're enjoying the content and also let me know what quite content you guys would really like to ascertain more of i'm always hospitable new opinions but all right many thanks guys such a lot for reading and as always keep it up coding you.

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