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Hello everyone hope all of you're doing super well um today i'm gonna talk a touch about my life. Because my next semester is gonna be online um this year has been quite abrupt as i'm in my second year right um at the beginning of the year.

I had my second semester kickoff and then on march 15th during my second year second semester. bits asked us to travel back home as most of the colleges then i came back home and since then i've been having online classes then in june and july i had my ps1. which is an internship. i'm pretty sure you guys realize the internship the internship ended long time back and now from august 17th i might have my third year kickoff and the entire third year.

I mean the first semester of third year goes to be online. which is sort of sad because i miss my beautiful campus as most of the scholars. i feel this is often the case with tons of universities even iits are going gonna have a web semester. i feel really bad for college kids who are getting into college this year, my sister just got into christ bangalore and they're having their first orientation online they're having their fourth like very first semester online which is sort of sad.

Because you're just sitting in your room and staring at a laptop screen that's not the college experience. anyone is wishing for  nevertheless these are like circumstances that we can't avoid. by the way inspect a freelance community they're just blowing up people are working together collaborating and building amazing projects. so it is a link is within the description down below have you ever guys seen this meme that says uh these are the streaming charges amazon prime charges this much netflix charges this much and Howard is charging this much but yeah uh even u.s colleges all of them are uh you recognize going to be online plus tons of schools international colleges.

Indian colleges haven't changed their fee structure at all. so they're gonna charge an equivalent amount as they charge last year or in some cases they need even increased the fees which is quite unfair in my opinion but let me know your opinion within the comment section down below now i hate online classes it just doesn't make me focus because i know for a incontrovertible fact that classes are becoming recorded and that's the rationale.

I rarely attend any one of them and secondly i never look at the recordings. so there is no way things are getting to happen by the way if you guys are just wondering how we got greeted um they took our internal marks and that they used our mid-semester marks and gave us an choice to either you recognize take the interior marks and calm down for a grade supported that or you can choose a corporation which is the comprehensive exam the ultimate exam.

whenever the school reopens now most students are skeptical about when the college goes to reopen. majority of them are just settled down for the interior and mid-semester marks in my case i feel i did fairly well for some reason uh but i didn't choose complete because at now i forgotten every single thing i learned in my last semester. so if you're taking an exam right now i'm gonna get a zero needless to say why would i ever choose a comprehensive exam.

so for a lazy one that doesn't wish to study that was the right choice and that i settled down for it next semester is going to be online i'm pretty sure i'm going to bomb that semester because i i will be on coursera or i will be on youtube i will be doing the foremost random things ever and i don't think i'm getting to specialise in lectures in the least. so good luck for next semester also i'm unsure how um exams are going to be conducted there's a company called wheelbox.

which does online proctoring apparently using ai uh what what it does is it asks you to love turn on your camera then it asks you to require your phone do a 360 degree you recognize capturing see if  someone's there around and i think it also records your screen. this manner just eliminates all possibility of you cheating an exam obviously i'm pretty sure students are going to find out how but at the same time something that must be factored in is the availability of internet like immediately my internet is super slow it's but 1 mbps for some reason and thereupon much data if my screen is getting recorded.

if my camera is getting recorded and if things are becoming transmitted to the cloud then i do not think my computer goes to handle it it's getting to slow things down and that's a serious issue that tons of universities face uh at especially tier 2 and tier 3 colleges right people are sleep in super remote areas with very less internet connectivity and in those cases doing an exam isn't practically possible but at an equivalent time.

i feel online semesters is going to open up an entire new avenue of education for you guys because immediately tons of scholars are at home and they are wondering what to try so my point is now's the proper time to do what you're keen on devanesh. and that i we've started numerous communities together uh we started a bitset community which has quite 3000 students we started an app called bitset.ml uh then we formed tons of freelancing communities where people are learning copywriting web development graphic designing and tons of other belongings you can join one of these groups and get to find out an actual skill right which  might be useful out there in in the industry. now's the proper time to do things that you simply love if you would love to start out up leave there start up if you wanna start a youtube channel go out there start a youtube channel and do things that otherwise would have haunted tons of some time now's the proper time to upskill yourselves go do that coursera course that you simply are willing to try to do while back go do this udemy course.

whatever you would like to only go out there and roll in the hay it is often said that during a recession this is not exactly a recession but it's kind of a downturn within the economy. it's always said that in a downturn tons of great companies are formed and therefore the economy just revives. so i'm not saying leave there and begin up maybe you'll but you'll spot tons of opportunities, be out there on social media be there on twitter be there on linkedin or be there on google news and see how patterns are changing what are the trends that are changing how are human behavior how is human behavior changing once you are able to identify an honest change you can maximize it right.

So if on twitter if you're noticing that hey a lot of individuals are getting to build covet trackers a lot of companies are eager to build kobe trackers you'll attend one among those companies and be like hey i'll build a code tracker for your employees your employees are you able to know use this cover tracker to stay track of how many covet cases are there within the company or stuff like that. so my point is you would like to identify demand this is something i talked about on the recent newsletter also be out there on social media be a very keen observer and spot some kind of demand some sort of pattern change during coverage numerous things are changing right.

people are starting sanitizer companies all of a sudden people are starting mask companies all of a sudden this is often all happening because there is a pattern change in human behavior and that is what you got to adopt also see what patterns are changing. as you know study patterns are changing things are moving online help your teachers take their uh coaching or take their school online and this manner uh major changes can occur on academy is acquiring tons of edtech startups. because it knows that tech is that the future people are gonna stick with edtech people are gonna like stick with online zoom classes on academy all these online streaming services forever and that is why there's a huge change in pattern and this is when great companies are built this is when tons of individuals such as you get rich and leave there spot opportunities learn skills and i'll see you within the next 10 years maybe you guys become super successful do discuss my video also join our telegram groups that are really smart people out there i used to be super surprised when i saw that folks are building projects collaborating and dealing together it's a nice healthy community online community. so go there check it out it's very free and bye lookout.

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